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Meet Tash

Tash Arnoldi, Nutritional Food Coach

My favourite things in life are cake, coffee and my puppies Milla, Duke and Duchess. I’m extremely passionate about pretty much everything I do and it comes out in the way I approach life. By day I develop menus and meal plans that keep my clients coming back for more, whilst being an ear to listen to their daily struggles around food and fitness. I reIax by faffing in the kitchen experimenting with delicious cake recipes, satisfying my inner pastry chef. My life was completely changed in 2014 when I started Crossfit and made my health and wellness a priority, I saw the need for a meal prep solution that allows for a lifestyle change and not a diet. Smooth Brew was born.

Still don’t know what I’m about?
Here’s five things that describe what I stand for:

  • Health and wellness, and prioritising that amidst a crazy lifestyle. I lived the corporate life before Smooth Brew, and I know the struggles
  • Fitness, and making sure I am a useful and functional person all through my life
  • Being honest, and real, to myself and my clients. This isn’t always an easy journey, but being realistic is super important
  • Compassion, because I’m also human and I have my own vices and struggles
  • I genuinely give a damn about the people I engage with in my life

Meet Chef KG

KG aka Meisie, Chef

I’m a mom of two, Sammy and Itu, with a personality larger than life and a lover of all things chocolate. I spent many years in the corporate hospitality hamster wheel, but my heart longed for a kitchen of my own. In 2019 I joined the Smooth Brew family where I create healthy, nutritious wholesome meals. You will know my magic is at work when the smell of bacon is in the air and you hear the sounds of my soulful music.

When I leave for my second home at the end of a day, to enjoy moments with my family, I can’t wait to share the “events of the day” and tell stories about my crazy clients that have become my friends.

I am passionate about my clients (friends) and family’s health. Smooth Brew has not only changed my lifestyle but my social life as well. I have learnt to appreciate health and the role food plays in it.

    A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body,
    it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

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